Some Tips to optimize website for SEO

Every website and business Parson  who has been in this  industry would know that having a website isn’t enough or have a product or service isn’t enough to pull traffic to your website so you can get more traffic in this type of process
So let's do this
1St- Start with navigation tools-
You can give navigation tools to your website when you optimize your site

2nd -Go Mobile
when you optimize your website then you most important note down that your website is made in mobile responsive you must care about that type tips for responsive become today is 90% people are using a mobile phone so it's very important for SEO that your website is phone responsive
3rd-Aim for Speed-
Yes when your website go for Hosting then that is most important that who is your server 1st of all you need that your server is doing good like as today is top foreign company is Bigrock, GoDaddy etc, so you need that your server company is good  and then you need that your total  website file is not more than 5MB

4th-Optimize images tool-
1st you need your image is not more than 1MB and using alt tags in images

5th-Connect with social media-
yes you need when you optimize your website then you need that social link intricate in your website top  or bottom

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