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3 Big Updates Which Rocked the SEO Industry

Search Engine Optimization has a rich history.
Really, if you are not in the industry you will consider SEO a boring work, but for us who work in the industry knows it is anything but. Today I want to talk about a key moment in SEO.
There were three cases which rocked the SEO industry and everyone who listed their sites in Google.

The Google Florida Update

The Google Florida update was a change in the SEO policies which occurred in 2003 with a change in the algorithm.
While there had been some relatively minor updates occurring in Google before this, the Google Florida update was a massive hit to those trying to manipulate rankings. The update went clearly after sites who were engaging in Keyword stuffing.
Site lost ranking, businesses lost traffic and suffered greatly.
This was the first time that Google had reprimanded the sites and had sent a clear warning that if you are manipulating the ranking of your website by violating the guidelines you will be hit.

The Panda/ Farmer Update
There wer…

Web Design Meets Artificial Intelligence

Since the launch of the internet in the late 1980’s, it has gone through several evolutions. In the beginning there was no need for large graphics and images which were tailored to customers using typography and font, or any kind of current visual content. However, with time the process furthered on, such websites are today’s need for any business which wants to sustain in the online space.
With this advancement, the need for compelling graphics with excellent web layouts has become the current norm. These websites have the knack of telling a story along with leaving a considerable impact on today’s pschye of customers and users.Today’s website use a complex functioning of artificial intelligence which mix and a combination of audio-visual images and content that are designed to convey information so that it leaves a lasting impression on the customer.
In the present day websites, having to surf websites powered by Artificial Intelligence is an experience for the user. With millions of …

Reasons to Believe that SEO belongs in the beginning of a project

Too many marketers believe that SEO belongs in the end of a content marketing project. They create a content or finish a marketing campaign, and at the end comes the SEO part of the project, which include putting keywords and promoting the content. Unfortunately, this is a completely outdated concept and is ineffective.
Robust modern day SEO tries to understand who the target audience is online, where these buyers are present in the buying process, what information they’re looking for and what content format they prefer. These practices lead to a more effective content
 strategy.But SEO is called upon at the end of the project and it is difficult to use these insights when at that stage. To enjoy the benefits and optimize every content you must use SEO as a foundational part of every project.
Keywords should help determine content, not decorate itMost online experiences start with keywords, so the marketers should too.
There are a lot of ways to source ideas and inspiration for a content c…